Buying a Used EV? Check what you need to know

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Are you looking for a ‘‘second-hand electric vehicle’’ to buy? Well, we have compiled a list of things you should consider before making the purchasing decision. 

Let’s check that out.


Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Used Electric Vehicle

❌Not checking various methods to recharge the battery
Charging methods explain a lot about the vehicle’s battery condition and compatibility. Lithium-ion batteries are home compatible, but you need to check with your electrician if the home sockets can support the load or not. For outdoor charging, you should check the battery network support your vehicle charging or not. 
❌Not examining the charging cable supplied for any twists or cracks
The charging cables should be in perfect condition to avoid short-circuiting or any unwanted accidents. 
❌Not knowing the actual price of a new vehicle
Sometimes, used electric vehicles do not display actual prices. Try to find the actual price of the vehicle and deduct the amount of government aid, if applicable. That will be the price for your used electric vehicle.


Things to check before buying a used car

Battery Health Electric vehicle’s battery may suffer damage due to overcharging or excessive voltage fluctuations.

Check: Try a short test drive to figure out the engine noise. For a thorough check, drain the battery completely and charge it fully. Check the time taken to charge the battery to full. If it takes longer, then there are issues with the battery. 

Range The initial range helps you tell about the vehicle’s performance, but the actual range may vary for a used electric vehicle.  

Check: Take a long test drive, if possible, when the vehicle is fully charged, and note the kilometers traveled.

Charging Infrastructure Charging infrastructure is the topmost necessity while planning to buy an electric vehicle.

Check: If the used vehicle comes with charging cables or not. Also, check the compatibility of the charger with your home sockets or install a charger at home for convenient charging. 

Cost of Ownership Running cost and annual maintenance cost of an EV is minimal. 

Check: Ensure the vehicle is in good working and operating condition, so you don’t have to spend money on regular servicing. 

Maintenance Electric vehicle maintenance is almost non-existent. However, battery replacement can cost a fortune. 

Check: Be cautious about power surges while charging the vehicle to avoid battery replacement issues.


Any Drawbacks?

Properly go through each term and condition while buying a used EV and ask the manufacturer if you have any questions. 

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