Keep Your Electric Three-Wheeler Safe!

Electric three-wheelers are intended for multiple uses. Therefore, it is impossible to warn against every possible accident that might happen. However, you should be aware of certain warnings and safety tips to avoid accidents.









Charging cycle of batteries generate hydrogen gas which is explosive in concentration as low as 4%. Also, hydrogen is lighter than air and needs proper ventilation


Electric Three-wheeler Maintenance and Service Tips

Maintenance and Service Part Tips and Tricks
Battery Checks Avoid the following to extend lithium-ion battery life:

●      Charging the battery to 100%, 80% charge is better

●      Avoid aggressive braking

●      Do not expose battery to extreme cold or heat

●      Multiple in-vehicle devices consumes more battery

●      Over and under-charging your battery

Coolant system Cooling systems help manage temperatures and burdens on the battery.

Always check the coolant system and use the coolant recommended for your EV.

Tyres Tyres will low pressures are unsafe to drive and also affects the range

●      Make sure your tyres are in good shape

●      Check the tyre pressure and tyre condition for better performance


Tip: Check the tyre condition by inserting a coin. If half of the coin enters inside the treads of tyre then the pressure is correct. Otherwise, replace your tyres.

Air filter/Air Conditioning System ●      Let your Air conditioning system be serviced by a professional

●      EV air filter to help reduce pollen, road dust, and dirt, you should replace them after every 2-3 years.

EV charging station You will find Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Charging Systems at the charging station, and each require its own maintenance.

●      DC fast-charging system: They need regular maintenance as they are fitted with a unique cooling system. They are used for commercial and non-residential use.

●      Level 1 EVSE system: You can easily clean it with a damp cloth and dish detergent.

●      Level 2 EVSE system: You can easily replace the OEM components and install an entirely new charging unit.


*Disclaimer: The safety guidelines are gathered from multiple manufacturers’ guidelines. Please contact your respective manufacturer for more information.



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