Safety Practices for Users

Vehicles can become a cause for injury if improperly used or maintained. So, if you want to avoid unexpected accidents, you should follow some safety practices.

Your vehicle is stable if properly operated in accordance with specific practices and rules established to meet the vehicle conditions. However, poor maintenance and improper operation may result in instability. Here are some conditions that affect vehicle stability due to a user’s failure to follow safety rules include:

  1. Ground and floor conditions
  2. Grade
  3. Speed
  4. Loading
  5. Excessive loads
  6. Battery weight
  7. Poor judgment by the vehicle operator

Let’s explain some safety rules and practices you should follow:

1. Nameplates, modifications, capacity, and markings


2. Charging and changing storage batteries


3. Control of Fumes and Noxious Gases


4. Warning Devices

Maintenance Practices

Vehicles may become hazardous if you neglect periodical maintenance.

Maintenance Procedures to follow:


*Disclaimer: The information provided above is derived from internet sources. Please contact your manufacturer for detailed maintenance procedures. 

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