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MoEVing launches India’s first new-age multi modal EV Charging Space in Bengaluru

March 17, 2023

MoEVing has inaugurated a groundbreaking electric vehicle (EV) charging facility in Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru. This 12,000 sq ft space includes high-capacity charging points for both fast and slow EV charging, battery swapping stations, maintenance stations, and an EV experience and learning centre, as announced by the company.

Vikash Mishra, CEO and co-founder of MoEVing, emphasised their dedication to speeding up EV adoption with an integrated and interoperable approach to charging and maintenance. MoEVing plans to power all charging hubs with clean energy, representing a major step towards sustainable transportation.

The company operates across multiple OEMs, vehicle types, and charging technologies in 11 cities nationwide, with over 300 charging points at 40 locations, either independently or with network partners.

During the opening ceremony, Rajender Kataria, Principal Secretary of Transport for Karnataka, stressed the critical need to reduce transport-related pollution. He highlighted government efforts to promote non-polluting vehicles and the importance of an ecosystem approach that covers the entire EV value chain.

“Deploying EVs at scale in Bengaluru, along with accessible and agnostic charging infrastructure for all types of electric vehicles, is crucial for making the city cleaner and healthier for future generations,” Kataria stated. He also underscored the national and state governments’ commitment to enhancing renewable energy and EV infrastructure to ensure cleaner air for everyone.