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Last Mile Deliveries with


neEV Tez



Type : Lithium Ion Battery with Chassis
Max Power : 8.25 kW
Torque : 45 Nm
Peak Torque (at wheel): 810 Nm

clutch (1)

Clutch and Transmission

Clutch : Clutch free, Rear wheel drive
Gear Box Type : 1 Forward + 1 Reverse
Steering : Mechanical, No power steering
Motor : 10.96 kWh AC induction motor



Front :Disc Brake
Rear :Drum Brake
Additional mechanical lever for parking


Seating & Warranty

Seats : Driver + Cargo
Warranty : 3 years or 1.50 lakhkm whichever is earlier



Cargo box dimensions :1920x1590x1645 mm
Ground Clearance : 220 mm
Cargo box volume capacity : 177 cu ft
Vehicle GVW : 950 Kg
Body : Metal


Weight (kg)

GVW : 950 kg
Payload : 688 - 727 kg

battery capacity


Energy : 11 kWh
Charging TIme: 3Hr 30 MIn



Certified Range : 151 Km
On Road Range : 120Km
Gradeability :18%


Wheels and Tyres

Tyres : Radial Tubeless : 5.5 - 12’ / 145 R12

Altigreen Electric 3 Wheelers

Introducing Altigreen’s neEV

The Altigreen neEV is an electric cargo vehicle that boasts impressive technical specifications. With its advanced technology and engineering backed by 28 global patents, the neEV sets a new standard for last-mile delivery electric three-wheelers in India.

Advanced Features

  • Regenerative Braking Technology: The neEV is equipped with advanced regenerative braking technology, which charges the battery every time the vehicle decelerates. This reduces battery usage and improves range.

Sustainable Mobility

Altigreen’s neEV combines high-performance electric mobility with eco-friendly features, making it an ideal choice for sustainable last-mile transportation solutions.

Cost-Effective Operation

  • Running Cost: The neEV operates at a running cost of just 0.92 paise per km, offering a highly economical option for businesses.

Altigreen Electric Vehicle on Lease or Rent with MoEVing

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient and sustainable transportation solutions are crucial. MoEVing offers the perfect solution with the Altigreen Electric Vehicle on Lease or Rent, specifically designed to meet the needs of last-mile deliveries and small business delivery requirements.

High-Range Vehicle for Optimal Performance

  • The Altigreen Electric Vehicle stands out for its impressive range and advanced features, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and eco-friendly transportation. With a certified range of 150 km on a single charge, the Altigreen vehicle ensures that your delivery operations can cover extensive distances without frequent recharging.

Ideal for Last-Mile Deliveries

  • MoEVing provides Altigreen Electric Vehicles that are tailor-made for last-mile deliveries. These electric three-wheelers are designed to navigate through urban landscapes with ease, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries. The Altigreen vehicle’s high ground clearance and robust performance make it perfect for the diverse road conditions encountered during last-mile delivery operations.

  • Perfect for Small Business Delivery Needs

    Small businesses often require flexible and cost-effective delivery solutions. The Altigreen Electric Vehicle on Lease or Rent from MoEVing offers just that. Whether you need to deliver products to local customers or transport goods between different locations, the Altigreen vehicle provides the reliability and efficiency your business needs.

    Trained Drivers for Seamless Operations

    MoEVing goes beyond just providing vehicles. They offer trained drivers who are experts in last-mile deliveries. These professionals are adept at handling the Altigreen Electric Vehicle, ensuring smooth and hassle-free delivery operations. With MoEVing’s trained drivers, you can be confident that your deliveries are in capable hands.

    Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solution

    By choosing to lease or rent an Altigreen Electric Vehicle from MoEVing, you are not only opting for a high-performance vehicle but also contributing to a greener environment. The Altigreen EVs are designed to minimize carbon emissions, supporting your company’s sustainability goals. Moreover, with low running costs and reduced maintenance expenses, these vehicles provide an economical solution for your delivery needs.

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