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Payment Policy


This Payment Policy (the “Policy”) outlines the payment procedures and policies for Moeving Urban
Technologies Private Limited (the “Company”). This Policy applies to all the present and future
customers, vendors, and partners of the Company who use any of our products, services, or

Payment Gateway Usage

The Company uses a payment gateway to accept payments for its products and services. The policy
includes a provision for deducting costs associated with any damage to the company’s vehicles or
property caused by our driving partners.

It is important to note that this payment gateway will not be used for e-commerce purposes. We
want to assure that the payment gateway will only be used for payment transactions related to the
Company’s products and services.

Accepted Payment Methods

At present, the company will only be accepting transactions that utilize QR codes. This will allow our
rider partners to top-up their driving wallets by scanning the provided QR code.

Payment Processing

To ensure that the company’s debts are paid in the event that a rider has a low or zero balance, all
processed payments will be used to credit the driver’s wallet.


We prioritize the security and protection of all payment information collected from our employees,
riders, vendors, and partners. All payment transactions are processed through our payment
gateway, which is encrypted and secured with the latest security protocols.

Pricing Policy

Pricing of product and services are fixed as per the customer requirement and deliverables as per the agreement or Purchase Orders executed with Customers. There is no product and service provided through the online platform by the company.

Refund Policy

As company is not selling any product or services through online mode. It is using the services of
payment gateway for collection of outstanding or advances against the invoices or agreement,
hence the refund will made as per the terms and condition of the contract/agreement between
company and the party, as applicable.

Cancellation Policy

As company is not selling its product and service thru online/ecomm portal, hence any cancellation
of order shall be requested thru mail and cancellation will be done as per the terms and condition
signed in the agreement between company and the respective customer.


We hope that this Payment Policy provides clear and transparent information on the payment
procedures and policies for the Company. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not
hesitate to contact us.