Bajaj Electric Vehicle on Lease or Rent

Last Mile Deliveries with


Maxima XL Cargo E-Tech



Type : Lithium Ion Iron phosphate (LFP) Battery
Power : 5.5 kW (Continuous)
Torque :36 Nm
Gradeability : 29%

clutch (1)

Clutch and Transmission

Clutch : Clutch free, Rear wheel drive
Gear Box Type : 2 Forward + 1 Reverse
Steering : Mechanical, No power steering
Transmission : 2 Speed Automatic



Regenerative braking system with sensing mechanism
Hill Hold Assist: Avoid roll back on slopes


Wheels and Tyres

Tyres : Radial Tubeless : 130/80 R12


Vehicle Dimensions (mm)

Length : 1840
Width :1425
Wheelbase : 2274
Ground Clearance : 180


Weight (kg)

GVW : 805 kg
Kerb Weight: 377 kg

battery capacity


Energy : 11.8 kWh
IP67 Packaging : Yes



Top Speed : 40 km/hr
Driving Range (On Road): 183 kms


Seating & Warranty

Seats : Driver + Cargo
Warranty : 5 years or 1.20 lakh km whichever is earlier

Introducing Bajaj Maxima XL Cargo: Revolutionising Commercial Transportation

The Bajaj Maxima XL Cargo represents a paradigm shift in commercial transportation, leveraging Bajaj’s rich legacy of innovation and reliability. Engineered for efficiency and sustainability, this electric-powered iteration of the Maxima series redefines cargo delivery with its cutting-edge features and eco-conscious performance.

Environmentally Friendly Mobility for Urban Logistics

As an electric commercial vehicle, the Maxima XL Cargo prioritizes sustainability, offering emission-free transportation solutions tailored for urban logistics and last-mile delivery. By eliminating reliance on traditional fuel sources, it significantly reduces carbon emissions, contributing to a cleaner, greener environment.

Efficiency and Dependability in Every Trip

Driven by advanced electric technology, the Maxima XL Cargo ensures consistent and reliable performance on every journey. Its robust construction and dependable powertrain provide optimal cargo transportation capabilities, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Smart Features for Enhanced Operator Experience

Equipped with state-of-the-art features like regenerative braking, smart connectivity options, and ergonomic design elements, the Maxima XL Cargo delivers unparalleled comfort and convenience for operators. From intuitive controls to advanced safety features, every aspect is tailored to elevate the operator’s experience.

Driving Sustainable Business Growth

Beyond being just a vehicle, the Maxima XL Cargo serves as a catalyst for sustainable business growth. By combining eco-conscious operation with cost-effective performance, it empowers businesses to maximize profitability while minimizing environmental impact. Join the revolution in commercial transportation with the Bajaj Maxima XL Cargo.

Bajaj Electric Vehicle on Lease or Rent: Driving Sustainable Mobility with Bajaj Maxima Cargo XL and MoEVing

In our quest to drive India towards greener and more sustainable mobility solutions, MoEVing has partnered with Bajaj to bring you the Bajaj Maxima Cargo XL. This collaboration represents our commitment to providing efficient and environmentally friendly transportation options. By offering Bajaj Electric Vehicles on Lease & Rent, we aim to revolutionize last-mile delivery services and support a wide range of industries in their efforts to reduce carbon footprints.

Fleet Size and Deployment:

  • Strategic Fleet Expansion: MoEVing has recently made a significant addition to its fleet with the inclusion of Bajaj Maxima Cargo XL vehicles. These vehicles are now available for Lease & Rent, allowing businesses to access cutting-edge electric vehicles without the need for a large upfront investment.

  • Targeted Deployment: The strategic deployment of these vehicles across three major cities in India—Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore—ensures that we can provide efficient and reliable last-mile delivery solutions to our growing clientele.

  • Urban Pollution Reduction: By placing Bajaj Electric Vehicles on Lease / Rent in key urban centers, we aim to reduce urban pollution and traffic congestion, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Industries and Clientele:

  • Industries and Clientele:

    • Versatile Application: The versatility of the Bajaj Maxima Cargo XL makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries. As part of our Bajaj Electric Vehicle on Lease or Rent program, these vehicles are tailored to meet the unique needs of sectors such as e-commerce, retail, food delivery, pharmaceuticals, and more.

    • Trusted by Leading Names: Our clients include some of the leading names in these industries, all of whom share our vision of a sustainable future. The reliability and efficiency of Bajaj Electric Vehicles have earned us the trust of our clients.

    • Expanding Presence: With our expanding presence in multiple cities, we are able to serve clients from various industries, ensuring exceptional service and reliability. Each Bajaj Electric Vehicle on Lease or Rent we provide is meticulously maintained to provide optimal performance.

    • Commitment to Quality and Service: Our support team is always on hand to address any issues that may arise, ensuring that our clients’ operations run smoothly. This commitment to quality and service has solidified our reputation in the market.

    Sustainable Mobility Solutions:

    • Driving Green Mobility: Together, with Bajaj Electric Vehicles on Lease or Rent, we are driving India towards greener and sustainable mobility. Our initiative is not just about providing vehicles; it’s about fostering a movement towards responsible and eco-friendly business practices.

    • Corporate Social Responsibility: By choosing Bajaj Electric Vehicles on Lease or Rent for their transportation needs, our clients are making a statement about their commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

    • Latest Electric Vehicle Technology: Our partnership with Bajaj ensures that we can offer the latest in electric vehicle technology, combined with the reliability and performance that Bajaj is known for. The Bajaj Maxima Cargo XL, with its robust design and efficient electric drivetrain, exemplifies this commitment.

    • Environmental and Economic Benefits: Bajaj Electric Vehicles provide a viable alternative to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, offering significant benefits in terms of reduced emissions, lower operating costs, and enhanced performance.

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